Ohio Girl With Cancer Sings “It’s Okay,” Wins “Golden Buzzer” on America’s Got Talent

Simon Cowell squeezed the Golden Buzzer for vocalist Nightbirde who uncovered she had cancer and just a little opportunity of endurance on Tuesday’s America’s Got Talent. Nightbirde, real name Marczewski, performed a unique song called It’s Okay during the Season 16 episode. The 30-year-old Ohio local said the song was about the last year of … Read more

Shy Girl Clutches Mic On Stage, Instant She Starts Singing 1st Verse Simon’s Jaw Drops Hearing Stunning Twist On Classic

Watching a young child or teen audition on live TV programs can be troublesome. You don’t actually know if they really have the stuff, considering their age and experience level. They might have to deal with their moving or their voices might require greater development before they get up to perform. This clasp from ‘England’s … Read more

What the husband of a 127 centimeter woman who became a mother 3 times in a row looks like

They are a great couple Charlie has 3 lovely babies. The growth of the beauty barely reaches 127 centimeters, she chose a short man as her husband. A special woman maintains her page on Instagram, sharing interesting moments of her life with her subscribers. The other day, Charlie showed photos of children, causing controversy on … Read more