Two seniors take the dance floor and cut up a rug when their legs begin moving

Two seniors take the dance floor and cut up a rug when their legs begin moving

When you love what you do, you can do it for years and not get tired of it.

Dancing is among the top hobbies worldwide. There are different types of dances, and each one allows the dancer to express their feelings through their coordinated movement.

The NSDC or National SHAG Dance Championships is one of the most famous and longest-running shag dance competitions here in the U.S.

Two seniors take the dance floor and cut up a rug when their legs begin moving

Did you know that the National SHAG Dance Championship started in 1984 at Myrtle Beach, making it 38 years old this year?

Unfortunately, last year, 2021, due to the restrictions with gatherings and events, the NSDC wasn’t able to open their competition, but this year, they’re back, and everyone is excited about it!

YouTube channel Stages Video Productions posted a video of 2022 NSDC Senior Division Champions starring two of their stunning contestants -Tobitha Stewart & Gene Pope.

Tobitha Stewart partnered up with Gene Pope, a well-known retired Cary fire chief, and together, they competed to bring home the title of the senior division at the prestigious NSDC or National Shag Dance Championships in Myrtle Beach.

This was actually the celebration of The NSDC for its 38th year in the business, and it includes six types of divisions from junior, senior, to the non-pro lever.

Each division consists of talented and passionate dancers.

Of course, Tobitha Stewart & Gene Pope weren’t new to the business either. Stewart knew how to dance since she was young because of her parents.

Stewart grew up dancing, remembering the influence of her parents, who had loved square dancing.

During a visit to the beach during her high school year, Stewart first experienced shag dancing, and she instantly fell in love with it.

She didn’t stop dancing and made herself better, leading her to garner different awards, including her second national shag competition win last weekend.

The first time Stewart won was last 2018.

Stewart and Pope chose a timeless classic from Aretha Franklin, a song titled “Exactly Like You.”

They wore matching clothes, both red on the first night, and their smile completed their gorgeous looks.

The footwork of their performance is as graceful as always, and their timing is impeccable.

You really have to work together to be able to perform a shag dance. That’s why it may look easy, but it requires discipline, a love for the art, and passion.

Indeed, if you’re in love with something, don’t give it up. Do it, and cultivate your skill and talent.

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